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Now that we are all fully aware of the extensive damage pathogens can present to our global health and the wellbeing of others, cleanliness is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially when contemplating travel and stays within a vacation rental property.We are one of the top cleaning and domestic service providers with office locations in central Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Our reputable,vibrant, refreshing and dedicated organization caters to all cleaning and domestic property care required by clients from Mayakoba to Tulum. Our energetic and experienced team of professionals provide a high-quality standard of service to both individual and corporate clients. The diversity of our customized property management services varies from small private apartments or condos to large homes or Villas, at competitive prices. We cover all aspects of property management including renovations and accounting.

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In order to realize that we have a good property manager we first had to have a bad one. I am writing this to possibly save somebody the trouble that I went through. Value and trust are my top priorities.And Vimex has gone above and beyond to accommodate all my needs. They showed me ways of saving on utilities when the unit was unoccupied. The service, maintenance, cleaning, and any of my requests have been fulfilled above what was expected. Always there to help! I highly recommend Vimex”.

Brad Littrell

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“We have been working with Vimex Vacation Rentals for several years and feel comfortable havingour properties managed by them. We own two units in Lagunas Mayakoba which is a newdevelopment in Ciudad Mayakoba. We are at ease knowing that Vimex Vacation Rentals will handleall the details of renting, cleaning, paying bills, etc. Vimex makes owning property in the Playa DelCarmen area a real joy. They are my eyes and ears on the ground. We would highly recommendVimex for your vacation rental needs”.

Jack Nagel & Michele Beyer- Jivery

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VIMEX  has personnel that can fix any problem with our house. One call and VIMEX is there to help. I have used this service several times. Notably, I have a deep-well pump in a 1100 L tank on my roof. The pump stopped working. VIMEX sent an incredibly talented person to fix the problem. The pump was full of Calcium carbonate that destroyed the pump and blocked the lines. With a great amount of work, a new pump, and back flushing of the lines the water system was essentially new. Anything from woodwork, help in adding a service (WiFi) or whatever is needed.”

John Sellstedt

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“We have used Vimex Condos as a Property Management Company from its inception and are verypleased with their service. The staff is friendly, courteous, efficient, and prompt. Any time we have hada problem with our unit they do their utmost to resolve it immediately.

Barb & Jerry Gilmore

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Dear Vimex, ​I just wanted to send an email saying how pleased we’ve been with the work doneby Loris in our unit. From small repairs, building a custom (that he personally designed and built)TV wall unit to the top to bottom repainting recently completed, we’ve been completely satisfied.

Hubert Stoffels

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“Would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and the Vimex team for everything you have done for us as our Property Manager for 10 years. You took care of everything- our bills i.e. Condo fees, electricity etc. were always paid on time. During our stays you or one of your staff would always be on hand to help, taking the stress away from us.

Philip Williams

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Need an Experienced Home Management Service?

Vimex consists of energetic and experienced professionals who provide a high-quality standard of service to  our individual, commercial and corporate clients. The diversity of our works varies from small to large property management service options and we offer competitive prices tailored to your specific needs.